menopause supplements review

by Sue McKinney August 28, 2020 1 min read

Sue from Canada writes, “Since 2007 my doctor was concerned about my uterus and sent me to a specialist. I ended up going to 3 specialists and was surprised and disappointed at their lack of knowledge about how to promote uterine health using a non-invasive approach. I always prefer this route first, so I tried supplements and herbs over the years, none of which worked.  I figured when menopause came some improvement might occur. Then I read the clinical trial results about Crila® last year and decided to try it right away. I started taking Crila® in September 2014. After I’d been on Crila® for approx. 9.5 months my doctor informed me that my uterine health had definitely improved. This tallied with my own opinion based on my own feelings about my body. I had to write and let you know. I’m now officially 5 months from ”menopause” without experiencing any hot flashes or night sweats. It’s impossible to say if I would have experienced those symptoms without taking the Crila®, or if my uterine health would have improved by itself, but I plan to continue taking Crila®.”

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