Coming to terms with the Menopause

Transitioning through the menopause doesn’t have to be something dreaded that you must grin-and-bear as you age. Menopause is a natural stage of a women’s life-cycle and in many cases, it can be managed naturally too.

Crila Health - Focused Support for Uterine and Ovarian Health

Crila for Uterine has helped improve women’s hormonal balance over the years and promote uterine health, supports healthy menstruation, and curbs menstrual discomfort whatever age you're in.

In 2007, a three-month study of 195 women to examine the effects of Crila for uterine health was conducted in three hospitals in Vietnam. Researchers found that Crila promoted uterine health in 79.5 percent of the women. Additionally, 36 percent of the women who had expressed (at study start) that they had a wellness goal of supporting healthy menstrual flow, experienced support for that goal after a 90-day course of Crila.