Crila® Today: Tradition & Efficacy

The forests of Vietnam sustain an astonishing wealth of botanical diversity. The rest of the world is only beginning to discover this treasure. One Vietnamese botanical is at the forefront of increased awareness: Crinum latifolium L.

For over a century, the leaves of this plant have been brewed as a strong tea, valued for its ability to support a healthy immune system, virility and hormonal wellness for both women and men. The herb was extremely rare though. Historic Vietnamese practitioners were only allowed to recommend Crinum to the royal family. For that reason, it became known as The King’s Herb or The Royal Woman’s Herb.*

It was strange that one botanical source could provide such a variety of effects for both men and women. Traditional practitioners believed that Crinum latifolium would promote long life, virility and fertility, and often recommended it with great success for

Ground-breaking research and development began in 1990.