Menopausal hot flashes effect Educated women less, study reveals

by Sue McKinney August 29, 2020 2 min read

Interesting findings from a recent menopause study, undertaken by the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, have just been released.

The researchers studied two hundred and fifty five mature ladies for several years and noted that eighty percent of the women suffered with hot flashes during their menopause, with symptoms ranging from moderate to severe in intensity. Seventeen percent reported only having mild ones and a lucky three percent did not suffer with hot flashes at all.

It was also discovered that women most likely to suffer with hot flashes and night sweats were women who were diagnosed as being clinically obese. It was also discovered that women who had gone on to higher education, after completing high school, were a surprising thirty four percent less likely to suffer from hot flashes. The university said that that particular figure called for more research.

I expect women who are more educated have a higher income can afford to buy food of a higher standard. They are probably also more knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. That is of course a sweeping generalization and just my opinion. It will be interesting to see the result if the university decides to study those findings further.

The researches went on to say that they had also discovered that women were suffering with hot flashes even after their menopause had finished. For up to five years they were still experiencing severe to moderate ones. A third of the women were still suffering with them ten years after their menopause had ended.

The primary medical treatment for hot flashes continues to be hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones. Presently the protocol for HRT is that it shouldn’t be taken for more than five years, however researchers state that there is little evidence to back-up the three to five year restriction claim and suspect it is due to the uneasiness doctors and patients feel about HRT, given its links to  cardiovascular disease amongst other very serious conditions.

Ellen Freeman, the study’s author, as well as professor of research at the division of gynecology and obstetrics said “Our findings point to the importance of individualized treatments that take into account each woman’s risks and benefits when selecting hormone or non-hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms.”

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