Effective Menopause Herb – another satisfied Crila® customer

by Sue McKinney August 29, 2020 1 min read

Effective Menopause Herb – another satisfied Crila® customer

In reaching out to some longterm  Crila® customers about our upcoming crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for clinical research on Crila® for menopause, I received this response. It is always so gratifying to hear from other women whose menopausal hot flashes misery has been knocked out with Crila®. This is from Denise in southern California who gave her permission for us to share her experience, and who will send out our crowdfunding campaign link to her contacts on the day we go live. Thanks Denise!

“Crila® actually works for menopause . . . I’m determined not to run out until I know I don’t need it any more — because I know how that feels.” Denise H., California

Please contact us here if you have an anecdote about how Crila® has helped you.

I would especially appreciate hearing from those of you who follow crowdfunding and are willing to help us spread the word about our Crila® campaign to your contacts. I’d like to have a chat and bring you onboard before we go live. It’s important to the ultimate success of the campaign to generate a great buzz in the early days. Help us help your friends!