Menopause Supplement Review: Laurie Burke, CA

by Sue McKinney August 29, 2020 2 min read

California woman deals lethal blow to menopause, kicks hot flashes out of her life. Laurie Burke from Orinda, CA wrote us:

I am 55 and started menopause in 2006. After moving to Europe 30 years ago, I became a believer in natural and homeopathic medicine. I use natural herbs for both myself and  my daughter. I have seen and experienced far better outcomes with herbs than from drugs, which can leave the body depleted and vulnerable. When my menopause began with 20-25 hot flashes a day, I tried to treat myself with “natural” progesterone (cream sachets) but stopped after one month when I found myself depressed. I am normally a happy person  and I could only link this dark mood to the hormones. I also tried Cohosh, Dong Quai and a few other herbs for hormonal balance but found always that my emotions and moods were effected by them. I decided to rough it out with the flashes for the next few years and was finally down to 3-5 a day thanks to exercise and a healthy diet.  I workout regularly with a personal trainer and I practice Vietnamese kung fu called Vo Binh Dinh and Muay Thai boxing.  

How to stop hot flashes fast - Try Crila for Menopause

I heard about Crila and its effect not only on hot flashes but on overall health of the reproductive organs in both men and women.  I tried it and felt the effects immediately, I felt a surge of energy like augmented ‘chi.’ It was so strong that I cut back the full recommended Load Phase. I’m down to 1-2 capsules per day and the hot flashes are gone, I have a lot more energy in mind and body and I am my happy self. Crila has definitely earned a place in my permanent daily supplement intake.” 

I love hearing from our women customers. We sell far more Crila® for Prostate than we sell Crila® for Menopause. Why is that? Personally I think women just tend to tough it out, remembering what their mother’s went through, and believing this is a natural affliction we have to endure at this stage in life. Not so. Ladies, you have a CHOICE not to suffer from the symptoms of menopause. This is not a secret I’m trying to keep. Spread the word. Try Crila® because Crila® works. It comes with our 100 day money back guarantee.

Get out of the heat this summer with Crila® for Menopause!

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