Menopause Symptoms and Treatments - Stop Hot Flashes Fast

by Sue McKinney August 28, 2020 2 min read

Menopause and its symptoms have of course not changed, the process is still the same but are attitudes towards the menopause changing?

Traditionally this was a sign you were passed it, ready for the proverbial knacker’s yard even; but now with retirement age increasing and general longevity improving, women seem to be more and more comfortable this topic. Karen Giblin, founder of Red Hot Mamas says “Women are becoming more accepting of the physical and emotional challenges that are associated with menopause and accepting them as natural, transitional changes,

Menopause symptoms to look out for
Officially, menopause begins once a woman has gone one year without having a period, however, symptoms will regularly appear long before this one year period is finished. So other than your period stopping here are some other things to look out for.

Hot Flashes
It is usual for a woman to experience hot flashes towards the end of the first year period, however, they do sometimes start before. A hot flash usually begins in the face or neck area before spreading to other parts of the body and can range from a gentle flush to a raging flame. One might also experience a sudden increase in heart rate or palpitations in some cases. You may be one of the lucky ones and not experience hot flashes, sadly around 80% of American women are not that lucky.

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Night Sweats

A night sweat sensation is basically the same as that of a hot flash but used to describe those lovely nocturnal ones. Depending on the intensity and duration, night sweats can have a very detrimental impact on the quality of one’s sleep.

Mood Swings
It is commonly believed that most mood swings are generally associated with a lack of sleep as opposed to hormonal imbalances.

Urinary problems
Women often find themselves become more susceptible to urinary tract infections, cystitis being a common one, or just having to visit the bathroom more regularly.

Difficulty in focusing and learning new skills
Some women find it hard to concentrate on one subject for too long and find themselves getting distracted much more easily than before. Some women suffer from an increase in short-term memory loss too.

Hair loss or thinning
Hair loss or a thinning of the hair is caused by a loss of Estrogen, which is needed to sustain follicle growth. This can be one of the most upsetting symptoms women experience, as it is a visible sign of aging. The hormone imbalance can sometimes be treated with a simple change in diet, increasing your intake of protein, vitamin C, D and Iron.

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